Why You Should Outsource NOC


The Network Operations Center (NOC) is a headquarter staffed with expert engineers that provide 24 hours, 7 days a week monitoring and management of network systems. For enterprises that need real-time monitoring and network management, NOC ensures that downtime are prevented, issues are resolved and network security is kept at the maximum.

Without a competitive NOC to provide real-time monitoring and network management, service interruption or downtime may happen and cost a hefty price: Gartner calculates that on average, network downtime can cost up to $5,600 per minute–a huge spending that could be saved if there are NOC experts that can promptly respond to issues before causing  massive damage.

Outsource NOC, because…

Competing effectively in the fast growing and crowded IT world is what every enterprise needs to stay ahead of the curve in providing services. To convince you further, here are some more reasons to outsource NOC:

… it reduces capital costs and operating expense.

Putting up an in-house NOC is a costly investment that generates  low revenue . For many enterprises, this may lead to a financial nightmare considering the amount needed to  to set up, run and staff with experts. More often than not, in-house NOC lacks resources to make it fully automated. Remote Monitoring Management tools which are used for real-time automation require internal skills that are not easy to secure. Thus, it is way better to leave this job to expert NOC.

When you outsource NOC, you do away with the cost of creating, running and staffing NOC. Instead, you can divert resources spent in in-house monitoring to other revenue generating services and opportunities. Also, you can purchase NOC service with a flexible payment scheme to help control your expenditure.

… it eases the task of internal MSP team

Outsourcing NOC is especially helpful and profitable for Managed Service Providers (MSP). With the right NOC provider, MSP can employ on-demand services or expertise that they only need for a specific project. Outsourcing an on-demand service helps MSPs to keep in a competitive position to serve big and demanding projects–making the most out of every opportunity to accommodate clients. This is called white labelling which is a popular practice in the managed services market. In a word, NOC helps MSP provide the best service by taking the most difficult or crucial tasks off of the internal team’s responsibility.

… it provides 24/7 Monitoring and Network Maintenance

Real-time monitoring is the heart and soul of Network Operations Center. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your IT environment is secured from interruptions and issues, 24/7. Keeping a tight surveillance is one drawback of in-house monitoring which only runs within regular office hours. Beyond this time frame, issues may arise and can escalate without prompt troubleshooting and solution. NOC on the other hand can access your network and take vital signs in real time to keep your business running smoothly with high efficiency.

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