World of Warcraft Tomb of Sargeras

Back in 2016, the release of an addition to World of Warcraft, called Legion, took place. It holds many new zones, tasks, dungeons, and raids. And here wow tomb of sargeras – the fourth raid from this series. He confronts the heroes with the inhabitants of the Temple of Elune. The Legion has woken up defiled souls, which will now become an obstacle for you, along with night elves and demons.

What awaits in the roadstead

This raid in wow tomb of sargeras can not be called linear. His passage is to begin with killing Gorot, who enters into battle with you, in order to get rid of painful pain. Then the road forks. You can go to the Demonic Inquisition, where you have to fight at once with two bosses who have general health. Another way is to fight with Hajjatan, who gathered around him an entire army of murlocs, and then Sashzh’in – the Mother of the Depths, after the battle with which you can get the Worm of the Abyss. The third way is a battle with the Sisters of the Moon and an acquaintance with the Host of Suffering. Sisters guarded the temple, and remained faithful even after death, because they are ready to kill everyone who decides to enter. As for the Host of Suffering, this is an extremely unpleasant invention that can take the souls of the dead, turning them into monsters-murderers.

Then the branching ends and killing all the listed bosses leads to a linear structure. There is a battle with the Vigilant Virgo, after which you will meet with the Avatar of the Fallen, and in the end, you will fight with Kil’jaeden.

After passing the entire raid in wow tomb of sargeras, everyone can get a lot of relics and various knickknacks, but, most importantly, get equipment at 900 levels. By the way, the raid can held on a mythical and heroic level. Their increased complexity is justified by the high level of production, which in the heroic reaches – 915 levles, and in the mythical – 930. An attractive offer. But in order to get all the bonuses and prey, you need to work hard, allocating a lot of time for this occupation. The resource offers favorable conditions for cooperation. You can buy inexpensively from us a package of services, in accordance with the terms of which we will pass for you all levels, and collect the prey.

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